Disable text input completely

Hi guys it happens that i use only mouse click menu to quickly jump places, the rest of the programm does not interest me, and moreover it annoys the hell out of me(sorry but its true) .
I went into the options and disabled every possible instance of that feature that i found

you can see its disabled, it is like that in all other variants.
But still i get it, in task manager, in 3dsmax in other software here and there, and its very annoying when im just accessing files by first letter and this feature gets in the way.
Please make it possible to completely disable it for good.

Anyone here?
I disabled this feature everywhere, why THIS is happening? >>> http://puu.sh/bvAVc/bf8af3bf1c.png

Sorry but it’s not possible to only disable the toolbar and keep other features (like mouse popup menus) working in file dialogs.

Will it be any time soon? Like next update?

Unfortunately no :frowning: Listary is designed for searching.

why not? how can it hurt anyone? Except someones ego

OK, here is a trick you can use:

  1. Open Listary Options - By Window Type.
  2. Select File Dialog from the left list.
  3. Change Toolbar Position to Relative to monitor.
  4. Change the value next to “From right” from 5 to 10000.

The toolbar is now moved out of your screen.

i dont mind it be on screen, i mind it stealing focus when i navigate the list of files by typing first letters. Im used to old ways of using windows when you just type ‘O’ to get to file Omggg.jpg , and that it starts interfering in my workflow is just infuriating.

I finally get it now. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Listary Options - By Window Type.
  2. Select File Dialog from the left list.
  3. Uncheck Find as you type.
  4. Click OK or Apply.

According to your first screenshot, I thought you’ve already done this…

Yes i already done this for each entry there thats why i created this thread, because it does not do what it should do

OK. Can you give more details about what actually happens in this screenshot? Listary still shows up when you type in this dialog? If so, can you upload a new screenshot of Listary showing search results?

In screenshot you can see the input field despite it being turn off everywhere in settings, and it steals the focus if you start typing.
Yes in some windows it still happens, in 3dsmax 100%, in other software too (dont have on hand which one but will dump here every instance from now on). So what i see is that if it does not recognize the window, it turns the text input back.
Desired is having the option to toggle that behavior.

Nvidia control panel

Click the third (thunder) button on the toolbar, and there is a “Disable Listary for this application” command.

Sry for delay was busy, YES!
Thats what i need! Thanks!
Still move that to options as a global bool. Little to no fuzz for you, great deal of help for people like me in the future.

Ok its not what i needed. I came back after some time and i realised that that option you provided disables ALL listary functions, which is not what i need.

Im really sorry to annoy you with that :slight_smile: but i would really appreciate if you could implement this. I can even suggest making it a whole separate app, and sell it cheaper with richer functions. For accessing stuff.

If there is an application in which you need to use the popup menu and find-as-you-type can’t be turned off via Listary Options - By Window Type (like 3ds Max in your second reply), can you upload a screenshot of Listary showing find-as-you-type search results in that application?

Listary searches two types of lists automatically:

  1. Standard system list (like the Nvidia control panel). Normally you don’t need some folder navigation features in these applications, so you can use the “Disable Listary for this application” command to disable Listary completely.
  2. File lists in supported applications listed in Listary Options - By Window Type (file dialogs and file managers). Unchecking “Find as you type” there should disable the search feature, but it doesn’t seem to work in your case, so I’m asking for a few screenshots to fix it.