Disable multiple instances of Listary

I seem to remember that previously, hitting the show Listary hotkey multiple times in a row would first show, then hide Listary. Now it opens multiple instances.
Is there an option to go back to the old behaviour (i.e. a single instance option)?


Using the same hotkey to hide listary is quite critical for custom hotkeys (e.g., I used F4 to open/hide listray before, my habits often lead to twice F4 and unexpectedly opening the File Search)

Since the launcher is sufficient for most cases, may I kindly request an option to disable the twice press for File Search?

Thanks a lot for your development on the wonderful File Search, I will definitely set another shortcut for this feature. Cheers!


I also support xiejx5’s request for the additional option to disable double-press for file search.


Nothing against such an option
but I don’t see the real problem here.
No one forces one to press Ctrtl-Ctrl a 2nd time.
Just press ESC to leave the launcher
which is the natural way to leave a Window or dialog.
Also, there is a dedicated hotkey to open the file search directly.

Dude, stop. Different people have different preferences and when something that used to work for them breaks it’s fine to ask for at least an option to have the old behavior back… an old behavior which was very logical I might say.

No one cares that you are fine with using Esc, have fun with it, no need for this “I don’t have a problem so you shouldn’t too” attitude.

yes, this is a needed/required option.
I also support this request for the additional option to disable double-press for file search.

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I said “Nothing against such an option”.
I’m still free to explain my meaning of this topic
if you like it or not.
We have a Cancel Culture in this forum.
If someone doesn’t like a personal meaning for a certain topic
He/she will simply report it, and it will be hidden.

There was no abusive language
nor bad words in the thread above !