Disable double-click the MIDDLE button

I use the mail program Mozilla Thunderbird.
Delete mail with the middle mouse button. So I set up.
But when you delete several mails when you double-click the MIDDLE mouse button,
the Listary window pops up.
How can I turn off the double click response of the MIDDLE mouse button?
In the Application Parameters, everything is disabled, but it did not help.

Hi, Listary doesn’t support Thunderbird and mouse middle button double-clicking. My guess is that your middle button deleting is implemented by simulating a Ctrl hotkey, so Listary gets a double Ctrl and is activated.

If you use a custom script to implement middle button deletion, try to optimize it. You can also try to disable double Ctrl in Listary Options - Hotkeys.

Yes, the check showed that the window appeared due to the fact that when you double-click the middle mouse button, the Ctrl button was activated twice.
And I removed the options call Listary by double pressing Ctrl.
Now everything is all right…

Thank you so much for the help!!! :wink: