Disable Auto Quick Switch in Listary v6

Is there plans to bring back the option to disable the Auto Quick Switch in v6 as it was possible in v5?

The always enabled auto mode in v6 makes it quite annoying when you are in a File Dialog in a correct folder location in an application, and you just need to quickly alt+tab to a File Explorer window to confirm some other path or file operation, then alt+tabbing back to the application will auto switch to the folder that was active in the File Explorer.
In v5 you could disable this and just have the hotkey (Ctrl+G) to “switch” to the folder in the last active File Explorer, was a much more productive workflow for me… some others might disagree and like the auto-mode, but i just wish we had the option to turn auto-mode off again.


Sure, you can disable it by uncheck the “Integration-File dialog-enable Listary”.

If I do that, Ctrl-G does nothing.
So no change to make it switching at all.
I like the automatic way and never need Ctrl-G.
I just tried your suggestion for testing.

As @horst says that disables Listary totally in the File Dialogs andthe Ctrl+G shortcut doesnt work anymore at all.
In v5 of Listary you can disable “Quick Switch” in the General tab and the auto switching will not happen, but you can still use the Ctrl+G shortcut to switch manually, thats what im missing in v6… have saved project files in wrong folders way too many times by accident because of the auto switching in v6 :cry: