Directory Opus help please

Hello, I find the program amazing but I cannot make it work with directory opus. I have the latest beta 4.00.1097

I read almost all discussions regarding directory opus, but unfortunately I cannot make it work. A strange thing: if I press the keyboard shortcut without dopus being active in the foreground then it opens the selected folder in dopus. For example I press WIN+D to minimize all windows. Then I press the listery shortcut and type desktop. Then the desktop open in dopus (as desired). But if dopus is active it doesn’t work, the lister stay unchanged.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. ATM I am using launchy but it doesn’t have the features of listery.

I mean if its working when dopus is not active window it should work and when it is active. Even now typing at a firefox window, if I press the shortcut and type a folder it opens in directory opus.

Hello miked,

Did you change some settings about the address bar in Directory Opus?

Hi, should I reset the settings in the addressbar in dopus? Because I am using it for years and I have changed its interface completely. Should I reset the address bar settings?

Hello miked,

You don’t need to reset all address bar settings, but please make sure that address bar is not hidden.


BTW, it’s not necessary to use address bar in DOpus to copy or change the address.
You can use dopusrt.exe commands to manipulate the topmost window.

Channing thanks a lot. Everything works great now. I think the problem was due that I had changed the opus’ address bar to appear old school like:

D:\My Docs\My Pictures\Animals

instead of:

>D: > My Docs > My Pictures > Animals >


Thanks for the information. Listary uses address bar as it needs to get real-time feedback of address changes.

Hi, regarding dopus again, using latest beta and in comparison with windows explorer behavior:

  • when windows explorer is open, I start type and all the keystrokes go to listary toolbar
  • when dopus is open, I have to press the hotkey to activate the listary toolbar

Is it possible to have the same behavior with explorer, so the toolbar gets the input without the shortcut?


Sorry that this can’t be implemented currently as it has some conflicts with DOpus.

I don’t like to have the address bar displayed in Directory Opus . Why can’t you get the address via dopusrt.exe with a command such as following?

“C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe” /cmd Clipboard SET {sourcepath$}

Or you can get it from the file display container:

ClassNN: dopus.filedisplaycontainer1

What is more, if DOpus’ interfaces are not enough, they are ready to help.


I’m currently working with developers from GPSoftware to bring deep DOpus integration to Listary users :slight_smile:


Great news, thanks.

I do not like to have the address bar displayed in Directory Opus. And I have the same problem.

Check the new beta!

Thank you very much for DOpus integration!