Different credentials for main application and access to network drives


at my company my normal account does not have admin rights, so I start Listary with an extra admin account.
The issue then is, that this account does not have access to my network drives.
Is it possible to connect the network drives with different credentials?
Actually theres an exclamation mark in front of destinations to netowrk drives.


Hi Hyper,

I highly recommend that you use the installer version of Listary instead. After installing it using an Admin account once, Listary runs using your normal account and most of the credentials related issues should disappear.

Hi Channing,

unfortunately that is not possible.
I think I am not alone with this, because in most bigger companies it is not allowed to just install any software.
Would be nice if you could integrate that Listary asks for other credentials for the network drives.

Instead of starting Listary using your admin account manually, start Listary normally, and input your admin credential when ListaryService.exe asks for it.

That is not possible. I get this error message:


any help here please? I cannot use Listary properly under this circumstances :cry:

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Unfortunately there is no way to resolve this issue with Listary.

I think this should be no problem at all.
Listary must ask for credentials for the network drives and store them in the windows credential manager.

Sorry I still don’t understand how it works. Can you list some applications that have this feature (start an application with one account, and it can access network drives as another account) so I can test them?

Which programming language do you use?
I am no developer so I am unsure what is needed.
As the needed account for the network drives is the actual logged on account, maybe it is even not needed to use credential manager.

Here is an example in C# for using another account:

Authentication Reference

Credential Management API

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information. I think it’s possible with some architecture changes. I’ll try to implement it in the next version.

Thanks! :grinning: