Dialog displays when I don't want it to

Wed 17 Sep 2014, 9:48 am

Hi All,

Windows 7. Often the Listary interface pops up when I don’t want it to and blocks my view of files list (particularly the search box you get with ctr + L just stubbornly blocks my view of what I am working on), and there doesn’t seem to be any button or command to close it. Sometimes when this happens, Listary crashes. I can’t figure out what I am doing to "accidentally) bring up the dialog.

Is this a known issue? Any fixes? Or is there something I am just not getting about how to use the program.

Other than that, it is a real peach, and rapidly becoming an indispensable part of the way I work, except for this annoying behavior.

Thanks for your help.


Khon Kaen, Thailand



You can press ESC to close Listary toolbar.

Listary toolbar shows up automatically when you type something in a list. You can disable Listary for the current application by clicking the third thunder button on the toolbar and then select “Disable Listary for This Application”.