DESPERATELY needs an ability to rebind Ctrl-ctrl

Listary looks amazing. It finds programs nothing else does, and looks like it very well may be the app launcher I’ve been hoping for. but I cant use it for one basic reason:

Ctrl-ctrl is totally unworkable for anyone who plays any game, ever. Its also useless for people who use VIM, Emacs, or anything that involves hitting that very common key often at all. Double tapping a key is a terrible shortcut.

Is there any chance we can just use Alt+Space like literally every other launcher (Launchy, Wox, Alfred, etc) does, or at least make it an option, please?

Alt space is basically universal now, please consider making it an option instead of double tapping control.

I can use Alt + Space
press Space and hold it, then press Alt, release Alt, release Space.

That’s okay as long as you never need to close it again. It opens the dialog, but pressing it again doesnt close it.

Set it for “Show Listary toolbar” instead of “Launch Apps”.

Ok, thanks a lot.
It is interesting that both work for me, set at “Show Listary toolbar” or set at “Launch Apps”.
The results are the same.

That is perfect, actually. Thanks!