Default File Manager selection reverting to Default (Listary

Listary’s feature where it opens your dialogs to match your file manager only works for me if the Default is set correctly:

However, that setting does not appear to survive a reboot, nor indeed simply going back into the window:

How do I get this to stick?

I am running Listary as admin.


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Actually, this may be a red herring - the Quick Switch is hardly working for me at all. Whenever a dialog window opens, it is at the application’s default location. CTRL+G then moves it to My Computer.


Stop running Listary as Admin.
Use the installer for correct installation and write access to the ini dir.
Ctrl-G works perfect here having Toral Commander set as file manager in Listary.

Thanks for the help - I’ve done as you asked. Uninstalled and reinstalled. FYI other settings are saving fine. I think that drop-down simply fills in the path & parameters and isn’t supposed to be saved anywhere (I see the path & params updating in the .json file but nothing else when I change that drop-down).

CTRL+G still jumps to My Computer though (well actually to my computer’s name, but same thing).

The selection for file manager must show “Custom” and path and parameter fields filled.
I have set Total Commander even with non default settings and it stays as set even after reboots.
Btw. what version do you have ?
Mine is x64 version 5.00.2843

Same - Listary Pro x64 5.00.2843.

My path & parameter fields stay set, it’s just the ‘Custom’ one that doesn’t, but like I said I’m not sure it’s supposed to.

You need to click OK or Apply to save your settings after using the drop-down menu. Also this setting has nothing to do with Ctrl+G.

Make sure General - Run as administrator is not checked.