Custom Shortcut Keys for the Right-Click Context Menu

Channing, first I have to say, You have created something that is such a part of my daily life, I could not get by without it. No exaggeration, I use it 100 times/hour (there’s an idea, put in a counter to see how much people use it = how much time they save). I’ve been a Pro User for a while, and it’s worth every penny!

For example, anyone else who uses Dropbox as much as me, I just found out that you can Copy the Dropbox link from the Listary Drop Down, which saves from… 1) Searching for the file 2) Open Containing Folder 3) Right-click on document 4) Select ‘Copy Dropbox Link’

Now, Open Listary, 1) Search for the file 2) Right-click it and 3) Select ‘Copy Dropbox Link’

Question: Is there a way to customize the Context Shortcut Keys?

There are Default shortcut keys, like this:

I’d love to have a shortcut to Copy the Dropbox Link, which is here:

Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer!