Custom plugin? URL shortener?

I would like have possibility make my own plugin. I would like to create Yourls plugin. See and API.

  1. write keyword
  2. hit enter
  3. url in clipboard will be changed in short url


  1. write “keyword [mytext]”
  2. hit enter
  3. url in clipboard will be changed in url with my custom text :slight_smile:

Bonus feature: searching in recent urls Title tag by typing searched text.

Hi, extension support is on the plan. When it’s implemented, you should be able to create your own URL shortener.

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Which programming language it will be?

Check out Wox - an open source launcher like Alfred for Windows with plugin support. Plugins can currently be created using either python or C#.

You can create exactly what you are looking for in Wox.


Some plugins are really nice. I like “Can I Use”, cliboard history, skype, browser bookmarks, translator and currency converter. :slight_smile: Wox custom plugin docs looks simple. I think… I have skills to do plugin. I did app in c# for shortening url. But it’s not so comfortable like Listary or Wox.

What you mean? In Wox, the procedure for shortening url is exactly like what you said.

Wox Plugins can be as simple as you want or you can make more complex ones as well. It is like Alfred workflows on your Mac.

This is not comfortable

Is that the screenshot of Wox? It does not look like one to me. Where can I download your url shortener plugin that you created for Wox?

This is not Wox plugin, is written in C# and it uses hard-coded API

You should create the URL Shortener plugin for Wox using C#. It will be more comfortable to use in Wox.

That’s true. I am already using Wox and Listary together. But now I am bussy with writing scripts for Photoshop.

The plugin for Wox is on the way, but I need documentation how to create custom UI in plugin settings.

will we support javascript for plugin development?

Not in the first few versions, but I’ll consider it.

Why do you need to create custom UI for your Wox Plugin?

Because you need set access to Url shortener which can be
arbitrary server with Yourls installed.