Custom commands with optional or default parameter

I run into something with custom commands pretty frequently where I want to make passing data optional, but listary doesn’t seem to recognize the command unless it includes a parameter.

E.g. I have a couple of chrome profiles, and I open, for instance, my company profile with the custom command:

Keyword: icomp
Path: C:\Users\Cora\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar\Company-LLC.lnk
Parameter: "? {query}"

This works great if there is a search or url I want to enter when I open/switch to the chrome window, but if I just want to open it without a search, I have to enter a dummy query string, I can’t just type icomp

Is there an existing way to make the parameter optional in the way it’s included, or provide a parameter with a default value, or am I missing a better way to do this?


Hi, the latest version of Listary v5.00.2410 doesn’t seem to have this issue: