Custom command support for multiple keywords?


name 7z



path:e:\Program Files\7-Zip\7zip.exe


I think you should create multiple custom commands because you have to pass different parameters to 7z for different keywords anyway.

I would like to see multiple keywords as well. The benefit would be that I don’t really want to remember the exact keyword. Hence, I’d like to be able add some permutations for the same search.
Alternatively, a shortcut to bring up listary in “keyword”-mode could be nice. This keyword mode would startup listing all keywords. Typing starts a fuzzy search through them and pressing “Tab” key autocompletes them. Adding a space after the keyword then uses the keyword normally. This keyword-mode could also be a permanent option “Search keywords before files”.

Maybe I can add a keyword like “listkeywords” (of course you can change it) for listing all the available keywords. If you type it with a param like “listkeywords abc”, it will then do a fuzzy search for all the keywords containing “abc”.