Is there any chance of supporting CubicExplorer?

I’ll take a look at it after finishing the current beta version.

I vote for this! CubicExplorer is very well designed, please take a look at its forum, there are a great amount of users of CubicExplorer.

Please also add support for MultiCommander


Would be really great if CubicExplorer support could be added.

It has the best bookmarking functionality of any alternate file explorer that I’m aware of and using it with Listary would make it a lot more useful.


+1. CubicExplorer is so much better than the file manager that comes with Windows.

Personally i think this one is even better:

I’ve switched to qttabbar as well. One reason was the lack of Listary support in CubicExplorer, another was the lack of development on CubicExplorer; there haven’t been any new releases since ~2012.