[ctrl]+[V] in menu, right click in menu and application launcher

Regarding the listary menu (double left click, middle click,…)
When this menu is active, could you make it faster to add paths / applications by letting the user
use [CTRL]+[V] when the menu is visible and active?
If the user presses [CTRL]+[V] listary then cheks if the clipboard contains an existing path (file/folder/application/…) and then insert it as an item within the menu.
[CTRL]+[V] seems to do nothing within the menu and this might make it very fast to add menu items
Normally the user would have to decide what to call the newly created item if it is an application.
But you could still automatically for the user, example
user copied “d:\abc\test.exe” to clipboard. Then the newly created item could be called “test.exe”

In addition to point 1: right click
Right click doesn’t seem to do anything, could you add a right click on the menu?
For example if the user right-click’s on a application, a second window or menu pops up with options to rename/delete/modify argument (if right clicked on application).
Or when right clicked on an folder item in the menu another set of useful options pops up
This makes it easier to adjust to menu without having to go to setting and the appropriate section.

Is there any chance you could rethink the way user launches applications by creating a seperate way to launch applications?


  • Assign double left click, middle click or hotkey to a seperate menu which is exactly the same as
    the original double left click/mid click menu but only shows applications, files or folders (no auto fly-out of an submenu with items within folders). Keep it simple.
  • A seperate bar which floats or dockable at the sides of the screen user can drag in or drag out items onto it (or out of it)

I leave it to you.

I am guessing that listary wasn’t meant for launching applications, but it seems with some “simple” changes you could add this within listary. But I am assuming that it is simple, it might still be a lot of work… I don’t know…

You seem to have a lot of work on your hands, but if you could implement point 1 and 2 and in the future may 3 then this could (I am not assuming it will) benefit a lot of users (at least point 1 and 2).

Thank you.

Thank you for your suggestions!

  1. That’s quite a good idea. It’s a little too complicated for menus. I’ll check if it’s possible to implement it in the options UI.

  2. I agree it’s useful. The problem is that Windows doesn’t support showing a menu on top of a menu. Only one menu can exist at a time…

  3. Yes, Listary is mainly designed as a keyboard launcher/searcher, and the menus are just the icing on the cake. At the moment, showing different menus based on the trigger you choose is not within its scope.