CTRL,ALT,SHIFT... modifier based action on menu

Could you make a settings page called ‘modifier actions’ in which the user can specify which action should be executed when the user presses [SHIFT] , [ALT] , [CTRL] in combination with [ENTER] on an menu item.


[ALT] [ …application… ]
[SHIFT] [ …application… ]
[CONTROL] [ …application… ]

Application could be script, exe,… anything the user can execute.
The selected menu item would be passed as an argument to that application.
I have an executable that reads the passed textfile paths that got passed into it as an argument and put’s it’s content in the clipboard. It is called ‘to_clip.exe’
So the user could do on an [ALT]+[ENTER] click, pass the selected menu item to ‘to_clip.exe’.
This means in the settings page in the ‘modifier actions’-section, the user would set [ALT] to ‘to_clip.exe’ lik this:

[ALT] [c:\to_clip.exe]

The only downside is, that everything that the user does an [ALT]+[ENTER] on in the menu will be passed to the assigned application. But maybe we could live with this in exchange for the extra actions we would get for it. It could even more actions if you could differentiate between LEFT and RIGHT side mofiiers (LEFT CONTROL, RIGHT CONTROL,…etc…)

In the current situation the user presses [ENTER] and the selected item get’s executed.
Imagine if the user has a script that sends the content of an path that is send as an argument into it to the currently active (topmost) window…you could have an instant snippet manager in listary…

I urge you to please seriously consider this.

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Check if Options - Actions is what you’re looking for. Though hotkeys like Alt + Enter are not supported yet, you can set something like Alt + C to send a search result to your exe.

This could work!
Didn’t know there was en result_path placeholder!
Thank you!