Crimson Night Theme

Here isn’t a theme sharing board, so I post it general category.
Crimson Night theme of the listary. I imported the color code from another program’s theme color and made it a theme for the Listary.
Create a json file, paste the contents below, save it and apply it by adding the theme from the list option.

PS> Is Listary 6 coming soon?

“background_color”: 4280288773.0,
“border_color”: 4287401100.0,
“description”: “”,
“grid_line_color”: 4282125066.0,
“name”: “Crimson Night”,
“scrollbar_color”: 4284355345.0,
“search_box_cue_banner_color”: 4292298565.0,
“search_box_text_color”: 4289769648.0,
“search_result_comment_color”: 4285995024.0,
“search_result_text_color”: 4288716960.0,
“selected_background_color”: 4286584595.0,
“selected_search_result_comment_color”: 4290032820.0,
“selected_search_result_text_color”: 4294967295.0,
“version”: 1