Couldn't survive without Listary! Great Work!

Channing, just wanted to say I love your product, keep up the great work!

I created a small software business about 20 years ago and I know what it’s like to have 1,000+ users with 10,000+ requests. I know that people rarely get on discussion boards, like this, and post ‘nice’ & complimentary comments, they are usually bugs, complaints, or requests that would handle their unique needs yet would serve few.

This won’t be popular, but I think you should charge annually for Listary - which would allow you to spend more time to creating releases & fielding all the varied requests you get on here. I’m already a Pro user, of course, but I’ll ‘purchase’ again as a donation later this week.

I know the annual subscription would lose a lot of users so that suggestion was a bit tongue and cheek.

However, I would suggest you need to be a Pro user in order to Post and Request features. Only make certain areas of this Discussion board accessible to Pro users, so you know that if you are committing to taking your time to address ppls requests that they have committed the $25USD to you as well.

And, make it $1/yr to stay on the Discussion board.

I’m all about free software, don’t get me wrong, but this isn’t an easy app to maintain and MS’ changing Updates don’t make it any easier on you either. The most minor feature request to the app probably takes you at least 15+ hours including testing, collateral damage, etc. to complete.

I think if you are making more, then you’ll have more time to code and have more frequent releases which is what we ALL want as your user base. But it won’t be done by a single donation so I hope others appreciate your time, your amazing product that saves us all hours each week and will purchase the Pro version and/or donate additionally as well.

Keep up the great work, and can’t wait for the next release!

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I paid for the Pro life-time version long time ago and used the beta of version 6 to.
But the last beta its ages ago and there is no ongoing support and releases at al.
Regardless what others say, this is a dead product.
All its features and much more are available at no cost
with Everyting, Wox and a small Autohotkey script.

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I use Listary mainly because of the feature ‘Create a Favorites list of commonly used files and apps for fast access’. This also includes a fast navigation of folders, comparable with but much better than FastFolders. Is this possible in Wox?

A replacement for Fast Folders is for me the free Quick Access PopUp
which I use havily.

I tested Quick Access Popup long time ago and tested it just now. Too bad it’s still too restricted due to the maximum number of items (500) in Live folders.

Maximum number of items in Live folders is configurable
Menus Advanced Options (I have 1000 for example).
Together with all the other options its fine for me and better than Fast Folders.
(Documents or not, type of documents, deep of sub-dirs, sort-order)
The rest is part of my file manager (Total Commander).

While this app certainly looks interesting, its file-dialog integration doesn’t match the elegance of Listary: I don’t want to set up + browse favorites menus and submenus – I want to type just a few letters and have the program instantly find most recent + relevant entries for that query.

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