Command priority over fuzzy matching?

The command to go up one level is “…”.
I like that and use it constantly.

I also like fuzzy matching but If the current folder contains files with two dots in it, e.g.:

and you enter “…”, those files will be listed above the up command.
Can we have an option to priorize commands over fuzzy matched results?


Sorry that there is no way to do this in the current design. The only thing I can do is to give the Command section higher priority and let it rank before the List section permanently. I need to think about this again.

A suggestion: Perhaps give an option to prioritize focused matches over fuzzy? It may require two queries instead of one (i.e. non-fuzzy search + (fuzzy search - non-fuzzy search matches), but for those who prefer this, they may trade off any performance hit.

If you have Fuzzy Matching enabled, you can simply type an extra space in your search query to disable it temporarily.