Command line Switches for Listary.exe

It would be very useful to have some command line switches for the Listary executable.

This is so that certain actions can be executed by Script, Task Manager, or various other Macro / Automation programs that people use.

There is already one switch (listary.exe -startup) but other switches would be good.

listary.exe -options open Listary Options dialog
listary.exe -hide completely hide Listary tray icon

You could then run listary.exe again without -hide switch if you want to make tray icon visible again.

People who don’t want to see the tray icon could then run Listary using:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Listary\Listary.exe -startup -hide”

or they could make a Start Menu shortcut to the Listary Options dialog:
Target: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Listary\Listary.exe -options”

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It would be awesome if we could integrate it with autohotkey or eventghost.

Or have an API to make our own bindings with listary.

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I’ve already planned to add several command line switches to Listary 6, like --search to directly search something in Listary.


Thank you, Channing.

I second the autohotkey suggestion. If you could harness listary and autohotkey together in a more integrated form you’d have something that would be every other launcher on the market, regardless of platform or OS.

Hi, can you share what features of Listary you want to integrate with AHK?

There is an extremely wide set of things that you can do with AHK. I don’t have a specific functionality in mind but considering the vastness of the AHK scripts out there, and the ease of customization in listary + it’s use of fuzzy searching, I’m sure people could come up with lots of neat ideas.

My thought process would be that you could allow certain key words to trigger autohotkey scripts. So a simple example of that might be:

openBookmarks {{query search term}}

That would be broken down into a listary keyword “openBookmarks” which would trigger an AHK script to open a folder of bookmarks in a particular browser.

The “{{query search term}}” could be a query fed to Listary to fuzzy search the bookmark folder of the browser, and then give the AHK the necessary absolute path it needs (since to my understanding AHK can’t take queries and search etc. it has to be given actual specific locations.)

So for example I could bring up the Listary launcher and write: “openBookmarks news” and then my default browser could launch and automatically open 7 different tabs for websites that had been bookmarked in a bookmark folder called “news websites”.

This process would be a lot easier than requiring the user to write an entire plugin to achieve this functionality. Instead they could just download an AHK script for opening a bookmark folder , make some simple edits, and set a keyword to launch it etc in Listary.

Thanks for sharing! Here is the general idea of how to do that with the current version of Listary:

  1. Create a custom action for your AHK script and assign a hotkey for it (e.g. Alt + B).
  2. Create a search filter for your bookmarks folder, set a keyword (e.g. bm), and let it only search for folders.
  3. Now you can type bm: news, and press Alt + B to open the search result news websites folder using your AHK script.