Command line interface

Right now, Everything seems in my opinion a great tool, because it have a command line utility that let’s me export all the results to a collection on Directory Opus (passing the result to a text file, then exporting using Disrectory Opus). Would be possible to add a similar feature to Listary, maybe as a Pro feature? Because I don’t see smart running both Listary and Everything, if Listary would have this feature, I don’t need Everything anymore.
For more info, here is the source code of the tool.

There definitely will be a command line tool for Listary. However command line support for disk search may take a little longer because Listary’s disk search is not designed as an alternative to Everything in the first place.

Could you please show some examples of using the command line utility in DOpus? If we can get the job done with Listary directly, we can get rid of the command line utility.

The way I do is sending some querie that I enter using dialog commands from DOpus to the Everything utility, then export the results to a text file (one file per line). Then I export to a collection on DOpus all the items in that text file.

I got this. What’s the next step with the collection in DOpus?

From Dopus Help File

A file collection is a virtual folder that acts as a container for other files and folders. The items in a file collection do not need to be stored in the same physical folder - they can reside in other folders, on other disks, or even in other virtual file systems like FTP. When you add items to a collection they are not actually moved or modified at all - all Opus stores is a reference to the original file.

Once the files are in a collection, just open that collection and you’re ready to do anything you wantwith those files.

Could you please tell me the most common operations you’ll do with those files? I’m asking because you may be able to do them in Listary directly and it’s not necessary to export search results to a file and then import in DOpus.

Is DOpus, there are many commands that you can’t do in Listary or Windows File Explorer. So the list of operations will be huge…So I give you just 2 examples:
Bulk edition, copy, move, tagging.
If you use DOpus as replacement to Windows File Explorer, the possibilty of use all your customs buttons is really useful and time saver.

Some images for give you the idea:



If you want to know how useful will be this feature, I suggest you try for yourself.
Just install DOpus, then download this and put in the same folder where Everything is, then right click in any toolbar, select customize, then download and drag this file to a toolbar.
PD: I assume that the es.exe is in program files\Everything\es.exe and Everything is running.

Did you had the time tro try this?

Yes, I’ve tried this and I’ll add a command tool for Listary in version 4.1 or 4.2. It won’t support as many parameters as Everything’s command line however.

Thanks. This is really appreciated