Colon symbol :::::::::::::: makes me mad as hell!

I want to find all folders with name test
So, I’m going to “Settings” → tab “Search” …
and there is a “Folder” item, where we can add shortcut for it.
Well, for me the best shortcut for folders would be letter f
Just simple letter f
So, if I want to find folder “test” - I want to type f test
But I can’t do that. Because of this goddamn colon!
It really pisses me off, this goddamn colon!
Why should I find on keyboard goddamn SHIFT key, and then try to find goddamn :; key (next to L key), if I just want to simply find folder with input f test
I cannot write “f test” to find folder test, because I have to write “f: test” with this goddamn colon!

Channing, fix it, please! Let users to avoid this goddamn colon sign!
If some users want to make simple letter F for folders, ( WITHOUT COLON ::::: ) - let them do it.

Listary 6 will allow you to use a keyword at the beginning of a query without a colon.

The benefit of the colon is that you can use it anywhere in the query, not necessarily the beginning. This allows you to type what you need directly (test), and apply the filter only when it’s necessary (test f:).

I don’t want to create a new topic…
Talking about absolutely not smart behavior of Listary.
Give it a try, and try to find hosts file using Listary.
Everyone knows this exact file.
And I think when the user write hosts - he wants to see hosts from C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc being № 1 in the list.
But Listary doesn’t think so. For Listary’s algorithm file hosts - is one of the most unnecessary files, so it is almost on the bottom of the list.

You should create a built-in database with MOST POPULAR FILES AND FOLDERS
There is no such database, so for Listary all files and folders - are equal.
It shouldn’t be like that.

hosts is on the list. It’s the first result when you type hosts in the launcher mode.

Also, there is no use to search for the hosts file directly using Listary or any other search tool because you have to run the editor as admin.

In Listary 6 you can specify folders and file types of your interest, so files and folders are no longer equal.

Ok, I found it.

BTW I’ve chosen AkelPad for edit.

And take a look at the icon: image
It’s a little bit not smooth. Not a big deal though.

PS: can you add to version 6 ability to add any icon to the items in the list? Like this one.