Clover - Not working correctly (with Listary)

I’ve just installed Clover ( on Win 7 x64 SP1 German and I’m using Listary (Pro) v1029a (beta).

I open clover and I’m in my libraries folder by default.
I’ve 6 libraries:

The only item that get’s recognized by Listary is “Dokumente” (or a subpart of it). When I type e.g. “mu” for “Musik” I only get a spinning blue quarter of a circle underneath Listary’s searchbox. The same for all other libraries (except “Dokumente”)…

Do you need any more infos Channing?

It seems that Clover support only works sometimes. I just removed it from the change log and I’m looking into this issue.

Hi Channing, same thing here. Testing the latest version of clover and the search won’t work. I t can only find drives or by default the documents folder.
If you click on a drive to search, it just keeps running without finding any hits.

It works fine in explorer without clover. So, must be a compatibility issue.

Update to clover 2.0216 and everything works just fine.