Clipboard monitor and search

Listary is an exciting product and with version 5 almost here with new versions in the mix it only gets better.

As it is Listary is very exhaustive in it’s search function and it would be awesome to see Listary support monitoring of the clipboard so that you could search through all the items that you have copied into it.

A bonus would be to identify where the copy came from; a copy concerning pasta types from Opera would have an Opera icon(or text) indicating the same. This would be very useful in retrieving information you did not paste and would like to recover from the clipboard(except in this case you would be searching the index created from the clipboard contents)

I hope you consider this feature for version 5 and keep up the great work :+1:

Thanks for your suggestions. Currently there is no plan to let Listary monitor and remember all clipboard changes. But in the next few versions you’ll have a {clipboard} parameter which you can pass to a search engine or custom command directly. For example, you will be able to type gc to Google your clipboard text.

Thanks Channing for the reply. Will wait and see how the clipboard parameter feature comes along, i’m assuming this will work only on the latest entry in the clipboard ? Other than that sounds good and my wish is to see the monitor function added in future.

@idda Ditto does what you want. I use it and it works flawlessly.

@PrinceYann thanks for the suggestion. I use ClipMate myself and while it has the search function, having one program(therefore one hotkey) to search the clipboard and its history would be more convenient in my eyes.

Check out Wox - an open source launcher like Alfred for Windows with plugin support. Plugins can currently be created using either python or C#.

Wox has a plugin which lets you search through the clipboard history which you find here

Also, check out phraseexpress. It is a textexpander for windows with support for monitoring clipboard history and ability to search clipboard history built in.

hey ishu3101, thank you for the suggestions. stumbled upon Wox a few days ago and must say am quite impressed. it’s a bit rough around the edges but the potential is there if they are able to bring even three quarters of Alfred’s features to Windows my search will be over. unfortunately the clipboard plugin is a bit hit and miss for me, maybe it’s because i’m using a clipboard manager ? will check out phraseexpress the features you describe look promising and it has a bonus text expander feature to boot.

The Clipboard feature is bit rough in Wox. I personally use phraseexpress for both textexpander and its clipboard manager and Wox for features found in Alfred.

ClipCache also seems to be an OK option, though it doesn’t look very up to date. No high DPI support. Personally, I would like to see clipboard history be part of Listary the way that LaunchBar (on Mac OS X) also has excellent clipboard history support.

@idda @ishu3101

I also tried Wox for quite a while. It’s a very nice effort. Unfortunately, it’s not as stable and not as fast as Listary and doesn’t integrate with Directory Opus nearly as well.