Choose max number of paths displayed in the Recent Popup menu

My first post here. I love using listary but thought I’d make a suggestion on the ‘recent’ popup menu.

Right now by default, each subsection (Folder, File, and Global) has a maximum of 10 files/folders displayed. I’d love to be able to limit that to any number, eg. 5 instead. I use this feature a ton, and with 30 folders popping up, sometimes it feels hard to find and hone in quickly on a recent file/folder.

Also, what is the technical difference between folder/global? I can’t find an explanation in the documentation.

It would also be great to be able to pick the order that the three subsections are displayed in. Even having the ability to toggle which subsections are displayed would be a great addition.

I know this seems like a lot of additional functionality, but the ‘recent’ pop menu is where is spend a lot of my time, so having some extra functionality to clean up the UI would be amazing.

Apologies if this has been suggested before, I did a couple searches and nothing popped up, so thought I’d post.


Thank you for your feedback. I’ll make the menu more customizable in future versions of Listary.

The folder section only shows folders which has been opened by the active application. Global shows folders from all applications.

Regarding the Global/Folder section, that makes sense now. I’m usually hopping between many applications, so I’m always going down to the Global section most.

If there was the ability to move Global to the top, and say have 10 folders displayed in global, but only 5 in Folder and Files that would be my ideal. So a system to customize to that level would be great.