Chinese people do not understand / 中国人不懂 🤨

In August 2014, Channing, the creator of Listary made this post, which he anchored at the beginning and can be easily viewed before logging in to this page:


and in English this means:

"To make communication more convenient, a separate Chinese discussion forum has been created. Both the top navigation bar and this sticky post can be reached directly. I hope everyone will not reply in Chinese in English posts or reply in English in Chinese posts, thank you!"

The Chinese discussion forum is easily accessible by clicking on the link 中文讨论区 next to the “Latest” button on the Discussions Listary home page, but it seems that the Chinese do not understand, now this discussion forum that should be only posts in English is filling up with Chinese posts, most of them with spam content, and because of that this forum is losing control and every day it is filling up with Chinese garbage, a lot of spam. :face_vomiting:

I see that Channing not only seems to have abandoned Listary, he has also abandoned control of this forum.