Changing hot key for find

I tried changing the hot key for find from Win + F to something else. This worked ok. But now when I try to use Win + F for something else, a listary window pops up as if I had brought up the popup window, then typed F. Windows 10 64 bit. Version 5.00.2581.

Win-F is a reserved hotkey in Windows 10.
It starts the Feedback application and you can’t use it for other programs.

I tried this again, and horst was right, Win-F brought up feedback. Then I assigned Win-F to something else using Autohotkey , which was what I wanted to do, I was able to do it. Autohotkey overrode the Windows 10 usage. And listary no longer try’s to come in. My previous experience may have been a temporary aberration. So every thing seems alright with listary.