Change Dir (index, Listary Toolbar) - Directory Opus


I’m a big fan of Listary in conjunction with Directory Opus.
I like the “index” Feature to jump to a folder with in Directory Opus.
(Show Listary toolbar:)

But this Feature not always works correctly for me.

In a lot of time the “search” (Show Listary toolbar:) with DOpus does not find the correct folder
the circle rotates but not happens.
When i use the same “search” with Windows Explorer the correct folder was found and Windows Explorer jump to the Folder

I’m using

  • Windows 10 x64
  • DOpus 11.16 x64
  • Listary Pro

I already tried

  • delete the index file (DiskSearch.db)
  • Force Rebuild Index

Can you please help me

Sorry for my bad English and many thanks for this great software


this might be of interest:

Thanks for your feedback. Please try this version and let me know if it works:

Hello Channing,

thank you for this world-class support.
Looks good und will now working correctly.

Many Thanks