CapsLock hotkey to show toolbar works, but would like an F15 like hotkey capability

I managed to get Caps lock showing the Listary favorites menu/toolbar, just like a double tap on Ctrl. I used to have this working with a now unsupported directory inserting utility (AutoDialogs). And it prevents setting capslock unintentionally.

I did it by:

  1. Remapping the capslock key to a non existing key on my keyboard (/ on numeric keypad), by using SharpKeys.
  2. That forward slash is a hot key for my macro processor (Macro Scheduler) , which then ‘types’/inserts a Ctrl Alt Shift F12.
  • That F12 key is setup as my Listary hotkey for show toolbar.

It works, but I’d prefer to use function keys like F13…F15 as the Listary hotkey, so I don’t have to use the macro processor.
I red on this forum that windows would not allow using a non shifted (Function) keys as hotkeys, but both programs mentioned above do have that capability.

Of course this would also need a capability to specify those non existent keys in the Listary Hotkeys setup tab, for example by specifying a virtual key code in stead of keying it in.

Thank you for your feedback.

Single-key hotkey may be supported in a future version, but there is no plan to support keys that are not on keyboard.