Cant open anything in its containing folder while using XYplorer

win 2004, listary, xyplorer 21.20.01

i can use the action [open in its containing folder] while using the original file system, but the action doesn’t work under XYplorer 21.20

ps, if i search for a file, it will automatically open in my XYPlorer, so it’s just a problem of the action.

[when in version 5, the action just open the original windows file system folder for me, but i want it to show up in XYplorer

i wonder if anyone using the same environment as me, and can give a solution

great thanks.


i solved it brutely by setting like this.

in case anyone have the same question:sweat_smile:

the original action does work… i add useless ’ ’ around my path in the setting [open folder with], and that’s where all the bugs come from…