Cannot launch selected folder when Listary becomes idle

VERSION: v4.00.1141 Beta
OS: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.
After a long while, when Listary becomes idle, say 2 or 3 hours, the program becomes unable to launch/go to a folder. I had to restart Listary to make it work again. Take note that the hotkey, the search function and the panel works fine, it just can’t launch the folder I selected. This behavior happened more than once on separate sessions.

Thanks for reporting. This is hard to fix at the moment as I can’t reproduce it on my computer. I’ll wait until I’ve collected enough data.

If it helps, I have QtTabBar installed (the Windows explorer add-in that adds the functionality of opening multiple folders in tabs).
I’m not sure if it clashes with Listary, but they appear to be working fine side by side.

Just an update regarding this behavior: I got around to troubleshooting why Listarybehaves like that and here are the results:

  1. After waking up from Hibernate - Listary worked ok

  2. After waking up from Sleep - Listary misbehaved in one ocassion

  3. After Windows Explorer crashed - Listary cannot launch folders/files; Smart Commands do not work as expected; Listary needs to be restarted for it to work properly again

  4. After terminating explorer.exe process - Listary cannot launch folders/files; Smart Commands do not work as expected; Listary needs to be restarted for it to work properly again (NOTE: I have explorer.exe launched as a separate process for folders/directories)

  5. After launching multiple tabs - Listary works fine
    (NOTE: I have QTTabBar Private Release v166 installed)

  6. After launching multiple windows - Listary sometimes don’t work properly
    (NOTE: I have QTTabBar Private Release v166 installed)

I confirm the behavior on Windows 7. It has been present in recent beta builds. I just now noticed the 4.23 release so I will test it and report back my results.

Hi grant,

I’m sorry if I haven’t posted an update regarding this issue.
However, as of version 4.22.1679, this issue has been resolved.
So far, I haven’t experienced the idleness that I described above.

Thanks for the information @ajfudge.
@grant, does v4.23 still have this issue? If so, open Listary Options - General, is Run as administrator checked or not?

I will need some more time to test it, however I do have “Run as Administrator” checked in the options. I will try to report back within a week or sooner if I continue to see the problem.

This is still a problem.

A common scenario for me is to boot my laptop at work in my dock, use it all day, then un-dock it and put it in sleep mode before putting it in my bag and taking it home with me. Several hours later in the evening, I might take the laptop out and work on it (resume, no dock) and will then put it back in sleep mode before going to bed. The next morning at the office I will put the laptop back on the dock and resume it from sleep.

A couple hours may go by before I notice that I am having difficulties accessing and working with Windows Explorer. The system tray icon appears to be unresponsive when I try to right-click on it for a menu. Sometimes several minutes later the menu will appear, other times Windows prompts me that Listary apears to be unresponsive. Once the process is killed (Listary.exe*32), all of the queued requests to open explorer windows suddenly appear. Then any attempt to open folders or windows control panel or any Windows Explorer activity happens immediately as expected.

This seems to be independent of the ListaryService and ListaryHelper64.exe since they are still running after Listary.exe is killed although ListaryHelper64 will disappear shortly after its parent is gone.

When Listary.exe is restarted, everything seems to be working properly.

What kind of logs do you need to collect to determine any further information?

Thanks for the information and I’ll keep an eye on this issue. Currently you can try to uncheck “Run as administrator” and see if it happens again.