Can not locate the file when I type in the saving dialog in 4.23

I wonder why I cannot locate and highlight the file when I type, in the saving dialog in Chrome, for example. And this function is still available in 4.20.
eg. When I want to download or save a file, and about to name it ‘new (2)’ when there is already a 'new (1). In the former version 4.20, I simply have to type ‘new’ and the file ‘new (1)’ will be located and highlighted, so I can click it and the “File Name” area will be changed to ‘new (1)’, then I only have to change ‘1’ to ‘2’ and save.
But now in the newer version 4.23, I can’t locate the file anymore, and the “File Name” area will not be changed, which bother me a lot.
But this function is not gone, for if I turn on windows explorer directly, the locating function still works.
And if this feature is canceled deliberately, can you offer a option for us?
PS: I have already turn on ‘Find as you type’ everywhere.
PPS: I cannot receive the activating email in the foxmail, which is the one I use for buying listary…

Find-as-you-type has been disabled for files in save file dialogs. This is because it’s very easy to overwrite the default file name accidentally with this feature on.

Imagine that you want to save a image in Chrome and the save file dialog pops up with a default file name like “icon_64x64.png”. Now you want to save it to a folder “resources” so you start typing “re…” in Listary. During that process, Listary also comes up with a file named “red.png”. The “File Name” will then become “red.png” automatically and the original file name “icon_64x64.png” is lost.

Do you mean you lost the activation email or you no longer have access to that email address?

Oh, no. Just the activation email for this forum. I can receive the activation code by foxmail.
I wonder if it would be possible to locate the file without the file name changing until I click that file myself, or offer a hotkey to turn find-as-you-type on when the save file dialog pop up… Anyway, this is just a suggestion, thank you.