Can not add network path to favourites

I moved to another computer, installed my Pro Version and updated to the latest Version 5.00.2843. Neither the network paths are listet in the history nor I can add mounted network path to the favourites. (Yellow warning triangles). With Version 5.00.2334 all was fine. Both Win7/64. What can I do. It is possible to get the installer of the Version 5.00.2334 somewhere to explore where the cause is?

You can download it here:

If it’s a Listary bug, it should have already been fixed in Listary 6. Please wait patiently for the release.

It is courious. When I tried to remove version 5.00.2843 the install process stopped after 1 second and I had to cancel the process with the task manager. So I decided to install the older version regardless the newer installed version. Now the networ paths are visible again, but when I look under Options–>About the version 5.00.2843 is showed. But it works! I´m looking forward the next version of your mighty tool! It works perfect with Directory Opus, and I could not live without it. When I see how other users work with the “native” WIndows Exolorer I have pity with them.

Glad to know that. The new version is on the way.

Sadly after 2 days the network paths are gone again. Tried to install the oldest version I had, no success. Tried to intsall the other versions once more: no success. So I await the new version very urgent! I had no problems with network paths since I bought listary first. I think, this is caused by the new computer and, may be, by Kaspersky Total Security. In Dirctory Opus I can see all the network paths.

I also have the problem of not being able to add network paths anymore.

Only local devices are shown in Listary’s Index “Add Folder” dialog, but not the network to which I am connected via VPN. This network is shown in Windows Explorer under “Network”.

I am on Listary v.5.00.2843

OK so I added the network path manually by editing “Preferences.json

and added the path like this:

… under the section
"search": {

This seemed to work, but still it shouldn’t be necessary to use such workarounds?