Can I use Everything's index in Listary?

I seem to remember being able to use Everything’s index with Listary in previous versions, but the option seems to have been removed. Was this a thing before? I’m finding that Listary’s indexing doesn’t work well with Google Drive’s file stream drive, whereas Everything’s index works perfectly. Is there a way to use Everything’s index instead in Listary? Listary is far more convenient than Everything…

No, no way.
But what is the problem using Everything in addition as I do.
There is the Everything toolbar in the task bar
which allows to enter your search like the Ctrl double click in Listary
and even has rules to define how a result is used and the full system context menu.
There is a Autohotkey script Quick Switch which works like the Ctrl-G of Listary.
There is a Autohokey script JumpToFolder which uses Everything
to jump in many file managers and Explorer to any place.

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