Bug Report: server execution failed

Hello. I am new here so i’m sorry in advance if i’m doing anything wrong.
I love Listary. It really is awesome. I got into it ever since i got a laptop with a secondary data drive and put all my files there only to find out that the windows start menu search doesn’t search other drives.
Anyway, one thing i do the most is i search for a song then i right-click and “add to windows media player list”. When i search using listary and try to “add to windows media player list” from the context menu option, the search freezes and i get an error saying “server execution failed”. Is there a way to fix this?

Also, if i might suggest a feature, it would be nice to include metadata in the search criteria. Sometimes, i search for a song using the artist name and song name. If the song name doesn’t include the artist name, i get no results.
File name: 01 Sing for the Moment.m4a
My search query: eminem sing for the moment
I don’t get any results this way, although ‘Eminem’ is set as Artist in the tags of the song. Windows search includes tags in the search. Is it possible to add this feature?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback.

Most of Action related issues will be resolved in the next major version. You should be able to execute the context menu entry correctly then.

Unfortunately there is no way to let Listary search additional info like Artist at the moment.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
That’s good news. Any ETA for the next major version?
Thanks again

Sorry no ETA yet.

IMO channing is correct not to give ETAs. I am much more willing to wait for properly coded, vetted upgrade versions rather than minor bug fixes over time. Updating software (when you have as many little freewares as I do) is a nightmare when minor versions are released weekly. :flushed: