BUG: Cannot type in Listary when running from custom Taskschedulr shortcut


  1. Create taskscheduler (bypasses UAC) shortcut using the instructions here:

  2. Run custom Listary shortcut.

  3. Double press CTRL to launch listary

  4. Try to type something. The computer beeps, but no text is inserted.

  5. NOTE: If you try to right click the tray button and try to exit, nothing happens. You have to go into process explorer and force quit the program and run it manually to make it work…

An update. The same behavior happens if you manually run Listary.exe as administrator. Only channing can explain this behavior. Listary.exe main REALLY doesn’t like to be run as admin.

If you run it “properly”, then this is how it looks:

If the Listary.exe has Full priv. then it’s all screwed up.

The problem is… HOW do you prevent the UAC window from popping up every startup WITHOUT turning off UAC.
Surely there must be a way…?