BUG: Apps don't launch as admin with certain arguments (reproducible)

Here is the app:

Download it and extract the RAR. Contained within is the shortcut. Please change the location of the file to point correctly to the clumsy.exe on your computer.

The shortcut without the arguments works and launches the UAC dialogue for admin priveledges.

However, with the following shortcut, it fails. This is definitely a bug and 100% reproducible. Listary does not like something in the arguments. The app shows up on screen for split second then quits. The app does not stay run even as non-admin./

D:\Applications\Clumsy\clumsy.exe --filter “ip.DstAddr == or ip.DstAddr ==” --lag on --lag-time 175

Also happens with autoruns, but curiously this one has no command line arguments. Autoruns actually runs, but not as admin, even though the shortcut clearly specifies “run as admin” in properties/advanced/run as admin.
Here’s a link to the file/shortage. Adjust paths to suite your computer.


This is definitely a big, widespread ssue.

I am seeing apps that have shortcuts to run as admin running NOT as admin. Yikes!

I am testing now to try and find a pattern but I don’t see one. They’re simple shortcuts that are set to run as admin.
It’s definitely listary as my two other apps (truelaunchbar and FindAndRunRobot) launch them correct as admin – and they’re the same shortcuts, in the same folders.

EDIT: even selecting Run as admin from the Listary menu doesn’t work. Double yikes!
EDIT 2: a shortcut with no run as admin is having the same issues. There is no way to run this as admin.

Can you test this?

  1. go to: http://processhacker.sourceforge.net/downloads.php
  2. Download Binaries (Portable)
  3. Extract. Create shortcut to “ProcessHacker.exe”
  4. Make shortcut run as admin using right click/properties/advance/run as admin
  5. Put shortcut in listary searchable folder
  6. Try launching.

What happens?

Currently Listary uses a hacky way to bypass some Windows limitations to launch apps, and there are some known issues. This should be completely resolved in Listary 6 with the new design.

Aw, was afraid you’d say that. I hope Listary 6 comes out soon. I won’t ask when it’s going to be released.

This means that items that run as admin will have to be launched manually via other apps :frowning:
Channing, in v6 will Listary Pro will be double-ctrl’ed to see launcher from ANY app, whatever it’s permission (full, med, low )are?

Yes. Permission won’t be an issue for double Ctrl.

Hi Channing,
Does the latest unreleased version fix this by any chance? Only reason I ask is I can test this function out thoroughly before release if you’d like.

I think this is without question the biggest issue that Listary has as it represents a threat to its core functionality.

Let me know please. I would be more than happy to do so.

Unfortunately no. This fix will only be released in the next major version.