Better integration for Altap Salamander

It is possible add deeper integration for this popular file manager?

It offer copy actual path of selected panel (left or right) and filename (at current position in panel) with keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+Insert, Alt+Insert).

And also change folder or set focus to particular file in active panel by pressing Ctrl+V, if in clipboard is valid path (“C:\Users\Admin\Documents”) or fullpath (“C:\Users\Admin\Documents\new.txt”)

So that Listary is aware on which folder and file position was activated in Altap Salamander.

Can this be integrated in Listary 6 beta? So instead lauching Explorer or run associated program it only GO TO folder or set position on file in file manager. For example by pressing Enter (configurable).

Thank you.


To be able to integrate with Listary, the file manager needs to have some open interfaces. I’ll contact the developer of Altap Salamander to see if they can add some after finishing 6.0.

Using hotkeys like Ctrl+Alt+Insert is not enough because Listary needs to get the paths when the file manager is in the background.

Thank you for replay.

I am not programmer. But as I read on Altap forum, those two panels behave like Explorer. I thought that before Listary 6 window is activated and take focus it can catch using hotkeys Ctrl+Alt+Insert this path… So, I thought. :disappointed_relieved:

BTW Developers currently migrate to latest Visual Studio because lack of Unicode file support. So I do hope they will be Listary 6 friendly. :yum: