[Autohotkey] Indexing Chrome bookmarks by Listary!

[Autohotkey] Indexing Chrome bookmarks by Listary!



AHK script

  1. main script: AutohotkeyScripts/Chrome_CreateShortcut.ahk at main · valuex/AutohotkeyScripts · GitHub
  2. lib file: AutohotkeyScripts/lib/_JXON.ahk at main · valuex/AutohotkeyScripts · GitHub

How to use

  1. extract Chrome bookmarks to folder: run Chrome_CreateShortcut.ahk, Press F1 and select the directory to save the bookmarks

  2. **Setting in Listary **


Thank you for this. :blush:

I think this is the script though that you are referencing: AutohotkeyScripts/Chrome_GenBookmarks.ahk at main · valuex/AutohotkeyScripts · GitHub

I modified the path by changing “Google\Chrome” to “Microsoft\Edge” so that it would export from Edge (since that’s what I use).

Also, this only exports the Bookmarks Bar. It’d be nice if it included the “Other” folder as well. I was going down the line of adding this, but then just decided to move the “Other” folder into the Bookmarks Bar and call it a day.

This was helpful. Thank you for making it. :+1:t2: