Anyone used SUX?

no5ix/sux: An alternative to Alfred+Wox+Listary+OneQuick+CapslockPlus (

I wonder what are your thought on this tool

No english documentation and I’m not reading chinese.
The Google based translation shows that the author tells me how to disable my Anti-virus tool.
I would never do this for an rather unknown tool.
But the number of features looks impressive.

Seems pretty neat. I will take some scripts from this repo and add them to FK. I use Fastkeys, an autohotkey front-end in conjunction with Listary.

The author writes that because executable without a security certificate(this costs money) get flagged on Windows. That said, this is a collection of Autohotkey scripts. You don’t need to use the compiled version(this is the executable). You can run the scripts with Autohotkey.

It seems can NOT switch the path in Open file / Save file modal to my last opened folder in explorer, which is the main reason I stay on Listary for years.

I have tried utools and many other tools but only Listary with that feature and fast and stable.

It has already become a habit, it saved my time.

Here is an autohotkey script for that. Sux is aslo made with AHK.

That’s not stable. I have tried some of them one year ago, it just copies the path and fills it in the open file dialog, by emulating my input, but sometimes it missing the last step so that I’ll see a opened location bar with the path it just filled but not really switch to that path yet.

AND, some of the games I play think AHK(or something made by it) is a cheating software, I will get banned if I use it carelessly. It’s risky.

I think listary is good enough for me in my case, although some of the feature is not work correctly all the time.

But thanks for your reply, I’ll try it if some day I don’t use listary anymore.