Any way to limit search results to current folder and children when not using >?

Hey everyone,

I am a bit confused. I really enjoy the whole-drive search feature, which I believe you use by prefixing your search with the “>” character. However, any type-ahead searching I do seems to search the whole drive - having all these results is incredibly distracting! I’d really love to just search the current folder (recursively) when I start typing filenames… but still be able to search the whole drive with “>”. Is there a way to have Listary behave this way? If so I can’t find it in the settings.

Thanks in advance!


Listary now searches all drives by default (even without “>”), and it lists files from the current folder on top of all search results. Search result sorting will also be highly improved in the next version. It’s time to forget “>”.

Got it. I see that local and global results are separated out as “List” and “Path” but I really enjoyed seeing no results when there were no matches in the current directory. Just something about the way you use Listary so quickly and intuitively. Maybe I’m in the minority. I’d love it to be a setting, but looking forward to having more control over sorting and matches in general. Thanks!