Any discount planned?


as far as I know there was no Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal.

I want to buy a pro license soon but wouldn’t be happy to see a discount offer only a few days afterwards.

So now that we are approaching Christmas I wanted to ask:
Are there any discount offers planned?



I would also like to know this!


Listary usually offers 50% discount on BDJ about twice a year. Though the next date hasn’t been planned yet, you can keep an eye on it:


Thanks! I will definitely wait and see then. I wanted to buy copies for 7 computers at my office (small business) so it would be a help.

Thanks again!


Thanks :slight_smile:


How do we keep an eye out at BitDujour? Is there an email distribution list we could sign up for Listary?


On sale today:


In case you missed it the last time, it is discounted again today.


Thanks for information. Does it include Life-time free updates?
I mean, when Listary 6 will be released, will I be able to upgrade for free?


It’ll be free.


After buying it on Bitsdujour, will I receive a code to enter in my free version? How does it work?


You’ll get a 6 line registration code. You can then enter it in the free version and unlock all the Pro features.


On sale again today:


Oh! I missed the last sale!
Is there a second sale planned?
Is it only in March?


If you’re lucky it seems to be two times a year.


That’s the problem, hehe. I subscribe to BDJ, but a newsletter containing the Listary, only dated March. Hopefully I will not miss it again in the future.