Alternate/multiple folder location in Menu option

This is awesome app!

Some Background : Before Listray I used DirectFolder app, which helped me quickly get to any folder i listed in the menu. That feature is in Listray as well, which is now my primary use.

Issue : In DirectFolder for each item in the list i could give 2 path location. If i left click, it would take me to 1st location, If I shift+left click, it would take me to alternate location. This helped me to get to my local folder on my drive, in which i work and i have exactly similar path on my server, where i submit files. So this pair of location in one menu helped me a lot. I can reduce the clutter in the menu i know it in my mind, that if i Shift+click any item in the menu, it would take me to the server version.

Request : Please add alternate path for menu item or if possible add three paths, maybe i can use ctrl+click.

Hope i explained myself well and clearly.

You didn’t recognize that Listary is a dead tool.
The actual beta works fine for many users
but don’t hope for any update.
Btw. Quick Access Popup (QAP) is a good and free replacement for DirectFolder.