Add to Favorites from the search list

There used to be a heart icon in the search list. Clicking that icon triggered adding a file/folder to Favorites. What are the ways to add a file/folder to Favorites in the latest version?

There will be an action in the right-arrow key Action menu for this.

It still doesn’t exist in the Action menu.

Screenshots below.

OS is Windows XP Simplified Chinese, Version 4.23 1728.


I’m sorry for the confusion. It’s “There will be”. The action will be added in future versions.

I think re-adding this option should have a high priority. Currently there is no way to conveniently add an item to your favorites. When using the actions menu, you can only add folders, not files (in directory opus). When trying to add files to favorites in the listary settings, you can only add them one by one.

There should be at least be a drag and drop interface, or of course the heart icon which was very handy.


I’ve bought Listary Pro since I really love this app. The previous version was able to add an file to favorites easily, and with the current one I’ve been confused by this issue for long time. I thought there was an option I should change in the app but failed…Finally found the reason here! Please do let this fuction back at your earliest convenience, Channing. Thanks.