Add stuff like Disk Management to favorites?

I am a little new to Listary, trying to find any and all tutorials. I wanted to do something like add all my hard drives to “favorites”. Then I can hot key the Popup and show the drives. I would prefer to add Disk Management. Is this possible? If so not sure how to do this?

Add “Launch Application”:

Path:       %windir%\System32\diskmgmt.msc


Path:       %windir%\System32\mmc.exe
Parameter:  diskmgmt.msc

I’m totally lost. I can add a favorite to the popup but after that I am a failure. I went to options then clicked on “launch apps” clicked on the “+” sign to add, then it takes me to make a new folder. So I don’t think I am where I should be. Listary is so powerful and I want to learn it all, sometimes someone has to point me.

“Favorite” is set in Options => Menus, so I assume that you operate everything within this option. Click on the “+” sign to show the drop-down list and choose “Launch Application”.

It works! So simple when I know how. Yes I do use the Menu for everything as I don’t know about the care and feeding of much else in Listary. Someone should put together a series of tutorials from baby steps to the most advanced - Listary 101. Can even get a diploma when we graduate.

Is it possible to make a nested list of “Favorites” in Listary? That is, have “Graphics” then all my graphics programs off of that. Makes things less cluttered and more organized. I know I can do this with shortcuts, but wondered if I can also do it with the Listary program too.

I think Submenu is the kind of nested list you described.

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