Add option to only search active folder

It would be great if you added an option that would only show search results for the active folder unless I add some kind of a modifier in the search.

It’s not about the speed of the search. It’s about limiting results to something manageable. Especially if i have a ton of identical filenames in different folders.


Agreed, I’m also missing this functionality at times.
Instead of it defaulting to “current folder search”, I would be fine with it searching everywhere by default and having modifier to restrict to current. Although best would be to have setting for default and modifier that toggles to the other.

Could be like writing: " >keyword " to toggle the feature. More/less than signs can’t be used in file/folder names, so I think that could work well. There might be other places (listviews and such) where it would interfere.


Totally agree. Search only in the active folder and its subfolders is the intuitive and expected behavior. Ordinary users will be overwhelmed (and so will I, actually) when a search returns files from the whole disk, and they will likely pick the wrong file. This is stopping me from installing Listary to my user base.

Yes - Totally agree.

Listary always shows results from the active folder first, then results from other locations. I think this won’t cause a user picking the wrong file.

@Channing, It’s your product so you’re prerogative to choose the behavior, but your point:

I think this won’t cause a user picking the wrong file.

For me as a user this isn’t accurate. I often end up picking the wrong file because all files are listed, even though the ones in the same folder are listed first. For me, a key like “>” or “/” or “?” to indicate that I’m wanting to search the whole index would definitely be a huge usability improvement.

Also looking forward to the plugin support… Been hearing about it for many months, but haven’t seen many updates to the beta yet.

And the sad thing is that Listary USED TO HAVE this functionality.
It’s so crucial for me, I’m still using version 4.02.1429, which is the last one that supported it.

P.S. Channing, you asked me to start this topic to see if I’m the only one who cares. Apparently I’m not. Please reintroduce this as an option for a few crazy ones out here who really miss this functionality in the new versions.

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There must be some better solutions. For example, split search results into two sections: “This folder” and “Other locations”. Further, we can fold the “Other locations” section by default, and expand it automatically when you highlight it using keyboard or mouse.

this would be great!
btw, is it possible to add a line to separate search resaults which are searched&picked recently? this can help to identify the resaults that are most frequently used by us.

Files opened recently are listed closer to the top by default. There is no plan to list them separately.

Why was this featured removed from version 5 as this feature existed in version 4? @Channing Please add this feature back to Listary.

It was not removed from version 5, it was removed from Listary 4 about 3 years ago.

To everyone who thinks he needs this feature:

Please try the latest version for at least 3 days, and then reply here whether you really need it. Download link:

As you can see in the screenshot below, the latest version always shows search results from the current folder on top. If I change Listary to search only the current folder by default, the only change you can see is a smaller search result count number at the top right corner (maybe decreasing from 100+ to 30 because search results from other locations are no longer counted).

On the contrary, the drawback would be quite noticeable. When you don’t find what you need in the current folder, you have to move the cursor to the beginning and add a modifier to restart searching.

If you still insist that you need this change, please give me some real-life examples (e.g. with this change you can reduce keystrokes from 8 to 6 when finding a file on your disk).