Access context menu for currently selected file

Is it possible to trigger listary context menu (what you access by right arrow) for currently selected file? Right now, I have to type its name first, so that listary finds the file itself, and only then I can access the context menu. But what if I’ve already located and selected the file myself?

Use cases:

  • Quickly access open-with menu for currently selected files
  • when in Win Explorer’s search you want to access context menu → open file location
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Open with menu is standard in windows explorer, no need for listary to support that. It works even without listary. Just find your file and right mouse click on the file, loads of options here, including open with…

Also, in windows search in explorer, if you have a list of files, right mouse click and almost near the bottom you’ll find “open file location”. No need for listary to support this.

Unfortunately this feature is hard to implement in the current version of Listary :frowning:

@tourmaline: Well, if I wanted to use mouse, then sure. Also, the listary menu is not only keyboard-friendly, but is more advanced.

@Channing: Alright, hopefully you’ll get to it in the future. Thanks for help.

I’ve already added this feature to my to-do list with a low priority.

Just a thought, you might want to create some public todo list, for example (free), so that people know what’s in the works and what’s not. Trello even allows for people to vote for each “card” (= pretty much a todo/ task), comment, etc - so you might get some feedback from it. See more at Roadmapping With A Public Trello Board

Trello looks pretty cool. I’ll check it out in more details.

+1 for this feature.

It’s a pain to move mouse and click right button to open context menu.
I always wanted this feature!

Custom context menu item (Open with some-app) is my favorite one.