About the Bug Reports category

Report bugs so that we can squash them. Before posting, please search the forum for duplicates and read the Troubleshooting Guide.

Troubleshooting Guide

Common Questions

  1. Listary can’t find the files I’m searching for
  2. Listary can’t find the files under network folders
  3. I can’t use quick switch

Received a Crash Report?

We automatically collect crash reports and work on fixing them, so you don’t need to submit anything here. You can try resolving the issue by upgrading to the latest version. If you repeatedly encounter crash reports, please send an email to support@listary.com. Here is an example of a crash report:

Search Before Posting

Before opening a new bug report, please search the forum for duplicates. This helps us a lot.

Troubleshooting Instructions

To help us fix a bug, we need reliable and consistent steps to reproduce the issue.

If something seems wrong:

  1. Ensure you are using the latest Listary version. Download and reinstall Listary from the website. (The stable version is usually the same as the previous beta version. For example, V6.3.0.77 beta and are the same. )
  2. Make sure you are not blocked by antivirus software. Try reinstalling Listary and ensure your antivirus software allows its installation and operation.
  3. Ensure you are using a supported Windows version:
  • Starting from V6, Listary supports 64-bit systems and is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11. While Listary V6 might work on older versions of Windows, we cannot guarantee compatibility with each update.
  • Listary V5 supports both 32-bit and 64-bit systems and is compatible with Windows XP and above. It may work on Windows 11, but we cannot guarantee compatibility with each Windows update.

Open a New Bug Report

If the issue still occurs, open a new thread here and follow the template. Thank you!

Bug Report Status

When we (the moderators) reproduce a bug, we add the repro tag to it. If we couldn’t reproduce it but think it might be a bug and are waiting for repro steps/confirmation from other users, we add the tracked tag.