About search result

Before listary 4.02, search result have two parts,folder entries and file entries. But when update to 4.02,search result is mixed one part. You can’t find a folder quickly in the search result when you have lot of files. Please tell me why.

Hi, I’m working on this issue.


Oh, great im a new user, and wanted to say i really miss searching for folder names. I don’t know how the old version worked tho, so ill add my 2cents.

It would be great to be able to search inside folders with an addition of a '"" character for example.

Something like this:

i have files here for example:



In current version if i type “appl”, it lists all the files on all my drives that has that name.

But i could write “graphi\appl” and it would list only the “appl” files contained in a folder that has “graphi” in the name.
(So if i wrote “gra\appl”, it would list both locations.)

I find myself typing the “” automatically all the time, only to find out it doesn’t work that way :smiley:

Coincidentally, if you just type “grap” without further letters, it could list ONLY folders.

Anyway, thanks for this program, its a LIFE SAVER!!! I dont even know why these functions are not basic things in Windows… its 2013 for fxkssake


Great advice! I’ll implement it.