A new beta version (4.00.1119) is available

#####Download link

#####How to upgrade
Download the zip file, extract it, and overwrite your previous beta version. If you have any trouble replacing ListaryHook.dll*, just skip it.

#####Change log

  • New: New feature Projects (take a look at Options - Projects!)
  • New: Add support for Delphi list control
  • Improved: Umlauts are considered case insensitive
  • Improved: Improve History
  • Fixed: Missing application icon

Hi Channing,

thanks for the new beta. I have a question regarding Projects.

I am using Listary together with Total Commander and Listary 3.5 has a nice feature which shows matching Total Commander Directory Menu entries on top and seperated from the rest of the entries (see screenshot).

I know the new Projects feature looks very similar but i have to manage it on my own. Do you plan to integrate the Total Commander Directory Menu also with Projects?


You’ll be able to search TC Directory Menu in version 4.01, please wait patiently for it :wink:

Hi Channing this beta looks pretty stable to me.

At wich point(version) will you start to implement the new requested features?
Any chance of Xnview support?


Find as you type in XnView is not possible, other features should support it in the next version.

Channing said:

Find as you type in XnView is not possible, other features should support it in the next version.

Hello Channing,

Is Find as you type in MS Outlook folder tree possible, can you implement this?

I have so many folders in outlook 2010 :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback!

Yours Olaf


Sorry that this is also not possible. Listary can’t retrieve folder names in Outlook :frowning:

Hello Channing,

for translate “Cancel” into an other language the corresponding entry is missing in the English.ini.

Please check this :slight_smile:

Yours Olaf

Channing said:

Find as you type in XnView is not possible, other features should support it in the next version.

OK. Thanks for the headsup. I am allready very pleased with the features working ok now and the new ones implemented soon.

Somewhere in all the comments you’ve stated that you want to provide a command to access favorites in an easier way (like cmd, cmda, etc.). Any chance to get this into the final v4 release?

It would allow us to type partial names of our favorite folders (defined in the favorites menu) with the “fav” command in front of it to get easier access to them.

I can’t use the new projects feature to achieve the same, because I’d have to create junctions (only possible with admin rights and defeats the portable character) or create shortcuts for all of them (which isn’t optimal, because my favorite portable! file manager XYplorer doesn’t handle .lnk files without modifying the registry).

Please (with a lot of sugar on it) :)…


Yes, this is a known issue. Will fix it in future versions.


If some folders are really important, for example “D:\My Data\Images”, you can:

  1. Create it as a project with keyword “img”, and you can type “img” to jump to it directly. Yes, if you don’t type the search term for a project, you can access the project itself.

  2. Rename the favorite to something like Images (img).

Hello Channing,

a small Bug:

1.) The are two searchbars at the same time.

I’m only open Listary toolbar (without a search request) on the desktop with my personal shortcut strg-alt-L, the toolbar appears correctly in the middle of the screen.

Then I open TC 8.01 and after this there are two Listary toolbars on the screen.

Please have a look at:

Both searchbars are disappears after closing the “one” instance of Listary.

My TC toolbar settings are:

2.) Translation Bug
There is no entry in language.ini to translate:
„Listary is already running!“

Yours Olaf


Thanks for reporting. The next version will fix these bugs.


I don’t know if it is bug or what, I encountered similar issue above but three searchbars at the same time.

In Dopus, I used Win+S and opened Listary and I typed something to search. Then, I switched focus to another program no matter what it is. It can be Google Chrome for example. I typed Win+S again. Another Listary searchbar appeared. I typed something again to seach and I switched focus to Windows Explorer lastly. I started to type and another Listary searchbar appeared because of “find-as-you-type”. There were three different Listary seachbars all active and usable.

Please look at:




Fixed in the latest version.


Rename the favorite to something like Images (img).

Yeah, I’ve changed the names of all favorite to # so typing #dow (for the favorite “Downloads”)
gets me to my download folder.

Good enough :slight_smile: